Roundstone Community Hall Refurbishment Project

A Community Hall Project task Force team was set up in early December 2023, consisting of seven members for the complete refurbishment of the Roundstone Community Hall, under the Banner of the Roundstone Community Development Council.

The voluntary team consists of R de S, (submissions, meetings etc) Anne Conneely, (Ideas, mentoring), Diarmuid Vaughan, (support on construction) David Scott (Legal). Des Cullen (Social Media), Greg and Anna Sweeney (Fundraising Input), Noel Thompson, Barry O’Brien (Grant Applications GCC).

The Lease, on the Community Hall with St Jarlath’s Diocesan Trust was created in 2003 for 25 years. The said lease was granted an extension from St Jarlath’s Trust for a further 25 years extended to 2048, (11th January 2024).

A climate Action Fund GCC, application and submission on behalf of RDC has now been submitted for €100K, plus €50K for repair hubs in the centre of the village. The application for this grant has been formally received. We await the outcome for stage 1, i.e. Wrapping the building with insulation, new windows, Doors, Gutters, Heating. with a new team was set up later by like-minded local and visitors who regularly holiday in Roundstone because of their love for the community to continue to fund raise for the refurbishment of the community Hall.

Over the last few years has raised 43K. which is deposited in the RDC Bank account until such time as monies are wanted to go towards the complete refurbishment of the Hall, it is still there today.

The project team have been meeting since January 2024 every month either in person or by Zoom to continue a fund-raising programme for stage 2 & 3 i.e. new reception area, toilets and cloakroom and to add on a Balcony to the building.

It needs to be said that this is a major project to refurbish the community hall to bring it to the required standard of the climate action programme grant, but there is a sense of urgency to start work on this project as every year we wait, the hall is fast detreating, and costs for repairs will mount each year.

So, to date a GoFundMe has been set up on the website which is now linked to the Every penny counts, so help us to build the Community and help us to fix our Community Centre.

Please Donate Now!!

To further fundraising events will run another Dinner & Dancing evening in the Community Hall 10th August 8pm 2024 (details to follow). Tickets can be purchased online, also can be purchased at the Roundstone Post Office.


For further information attached is a construction of stage 1 drawing of the village Hall (courtesy Diarmuid Vaughan) with photos showing the Halls poor state, also with the added GoFundMe donations link, with updated monthly newsletters as this project unfolds.