What a Load of Rubbish

We are genuinely surprised and thrilled that Barna Waste have confirmed that all the volunteers on the day collected 1.62 tons of rubbish from our environmental cleanup day on the 8th of August.

Thanks to a super idea by Paul Davy, our cleanup of the village and surrounding areas raised an amazing €21,264 of which €17,011 went to Roundstone Town Council and €4,253 to breast cancer research.

So far we have raised €10,600 in 2017, €12,132 in 2018, €14,971 in 2019 and now €21,264 in 2020. we will be forever grateful to all those who come out every year to support us. a big thank you to our super fabulous community.

Roundstone for Fun Donation

Ciara King from 2FM, representing Roundstone For Fun, and Orla Conneely, proprietor of the fabulous Bogbean Restaurant, representing Roundstone Town Council, at the cheque handover.

Barna Recycling kindly donated

Our Partners Barna Recycling kindly donated the skip at half price.